Space Saving Hack for Nappies & Wipes

Space Saving Hack for Nappies & Wipes

With three children, myself and my husband packed into a small (but perfectly formed!) house, I am always looking for space saving solutions for everyday items.

I also like things to be readily available so that I don’t have to go searching under the bed or in the back of a cupboard every time I need to find something.

With this in mind, I recently stumbled across the perfect space saving solution for nappies and wipes.

A pocket organiser which has a hook in it so you can hang it on the back of a door or in a wardrobe.

Mine are from Zara and cost £19.99 each.   They currently have a selection on their website and these can be found here.

These simple organisers really are a nice addition to any nursery or toddler’s room and they can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Not only do they store loads of nappies and wipes, but once your child has successfully mastered the art of potty training, you can re-use them for storing loads of things such as toys or shoes.

This organiser comes in very handy in my eldest son’s room, as he can place his Lego and special trains way out of reach of his younger brother!

I hope you like this parenting hack.

Please share any photos if you decide to make or buy one for your own child’s room.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post.

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