Why Mother’s Day is like an Annual Appraisal for the SAHM

Why Mother’s Day is like an Annual Appraisal for the SAHM

Having been a stay at home Mum for over 7 years, there’s one thing that’s been crystal clear from the very beginning and has never changed.

This is the most thankless job I have ever done.  E.V.E.R!

With three children aged 7, 5 and 2 to look after, my life is a constant round of school runs, housework, homework, after school clubs, housework, play dates, housework, soft play centres and the list goes on.

My children are far too young to appreciate what I do for them and, whilst I wouldn’t expect anything else from them at their ages, every now again I crave that validation you can only get in the workplace.

That moment a colleague or boss pulls you aside and thanks you for a great job.

Obviously, as my office is my home and my ‘boss’ is the kids, this isn’t going to happen.  The closest I’ve got to the kids noticing what I do is when my son recently commented, “You are basically our servant aren’t you Mum?”

So, whilst I don’t expect to be thanked endlessly for the things that I do as it’s my choice to be a SAHM, every now and again it would be nice for someone to say “Thanks, we appreciate everything you do for us and we think you are doing a fantastic job.”

Basically, I would like an annual appraisal and in the world of a SAHM, the equivalent of this is good old Mother’s Day.

Yes, it’s commercial.

Yes, you could get your partner and/or mother a gift any day of the year.

However, Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that secretly every Mum hopes she will get spoiled.  It’s a special day where your family can prove that you are genuinely appreciated with the presentation of a card and some thoughtful gifts.

And breakfast in bed.

Okay, and a surprise day out.  Naturally!

For me, the homemade card means my child has sat down and thought about me as a person instead of just the person who is making their dinner or taking them to school.

A thoughtful gift from my ‘kids’ means that my husband appreciates everything that I do for the family. 

Thoughtful doesn’t have to mean expensive, as all most women really want is a gift that requires more than 5 minutes thought and is personal, i.e. not last minute flowers from the local shop.

Breakfast in bed recognises that being a Mum is exhausting and that I deserve a break.

A surprise day out gives us all the opportunity to spend time together as a family without any distractions.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.


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  1. March 22, 2017 / 9:03 am

    Hear hear! I agree, Mothers day is not about having lots of money spent on you, its about being recognised. I am also a big fan of the home made card. Happy Mothers day to you too!

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