World Book Day on a Budget

World Book Day on a Budget

If, like me, you don’t want to buy costumes every year for World Book Day, then look no further than our budget DIY guide.

For the past few years we’ve made characters from our favourite books using cheap materials.

From Stick Man to Gruffalo, the kids now really enjoy making their own unique costumes and it’s stopped me wasting money in the process.

This year we decided to go big and make Violet Beauregarde’s iconic blueberry transformation from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It was such a fun costume to make and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed wearing it to school.

Check out our simple guide below with all the information you need to make one yourself.

Warning:  This is not a last minute costume as the layering of the paper mache takes AGES!

Shopping List

Birthing ball, paint, paint brushes and paper mache materials.

1. Balance the birthing ball on a bucket and start layering the paper mache. 

Make sure that you place the birthing ball the right way around so that you can let the air out when you’ve finished.

2. Let each layer dry fully before applying the next layer of paper mache.

3.  Apply a minimum of 4 layers of paper mache.

The more layers you apply, the stronger the costume will be.

4. Paint on the details

Once you’ve finished all your paper mache layers and have left it to dry completely, it’s time to start painting.

When you’ve finished painting and its dry, remove the air from the birthing ball and remove it.

5.  Try it on, mark where the arms go and cut arm holes

And just like that you have a fantastic homemade costume for World Book Day!



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